"Take your pleasure seriously"


Loraine Holmes discovered a gap in between couture and streetwear. A space in which a modern, sophisticated but also vibrant and fun style could flourish. Moreover, she observed emergent societal trends and answered the growing desire for more authenticity in self-expression and a renewed appreciation for craftsmanship.

Loraine Holmes would like to encourage women to embrace new creative experiences and empower them to take risks. She believes there is no need for a special occasion in order to feel like your best self and she would like to show women that elegance and classical taste are no longer synonyms, making way for a new emergent style that radiates sophistication, freshness and playfulness in a harmonious coherence.

Through her collections, Loraine Holmes enables women to radiate their inner beauty and feel empowered in designs that embrace all body types, showing that fashion is a state of mind. Loraine Holmes’ heart has always been closely connected to art which is a key element in how she approaches the world of fashion. In her constant pursuit of beauty and her aesthetic sen- sibility, sketches and collages are an important aspect of the brand’s creative universe. This element is also deeply rooted in the production process in which each garment is created as a masterpiece and every detail is treated with absolute precision.

About the designer
Ever since a short trip to Italy turned into a love story with fashion, Loraine Holmes knows no limits to her professional achievement and determination. So much so that she decided to pursue a career in the industry. She enrolled into a Fashion Design course at Istituto Marangoni Milano where she began to master Italian craftsmanship over a course of five years.

During her final time in Europe, Loraine Holmes landed an internship with Catalan designer Teresa Helbig in Barcelona. After graduating in 2014, she packed her newly acquired skills and valuable experience gained in Italy and moved back to her home country, Chile, and founded her namesake fashion label in 2015.
With an eye for ‘Made in Italy’ expertise and a global vision on fashion, her dream was to become a successful designer and to gain significant recognition in her home country. Not long after launching her brand, she successfully positioned herself in the Chilean market and became one of the most appreciated Chilean designers of her generation.