As part of our firm commitment to our society and planet, we prioritize sustainable and responsible practices throughout our business and with our partners.

1-. Optimal Working Conditions: Our firm employs Chilean women under contract with fair wages and work in a safe, well-lit, clean and respectful environment where they enjoy flexible hours. 

2-. Local Production: All of our pieces are designed and produced in Chile using fabrics imported from Brazil, Peru and Colombia and reaffirmed our commitment to the local and regional economy.

3-. Slow-Fashion: We value quality over quantity and produce limited volumes. We offer clients exclusivity and endow our product with the care and quality it deserves.  

4-. Responsible Textiles: Our latest collection is made of 75% biodegradable fabric which was produced with renewable energy and Oeko-Tex Certified inks. The water used in production was treated and returned into the environment.

5-. Recycling: We donate our excess fabrics to recycling centers where they can be re-used by small-business. At the same time, our bestselling piece and carry-on, LARA and LUANA pants, are made with 100% recycled denim.